December 31, 2021
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To help you prepare and set goals throughout the year you will be sent a snap shot of what to expect to see in the programming each month! CrossFit is traditionally characterised by constant variance in the programming, this is great for keeping the masses motivated and for improving general fitness, but is not ideal when trying to make significant progress in strength and skills. The only way to see improvement and change is through consistency, and the best way to stay consistent it to set realistic goals and follow them through. In 2022 you will be notified every month of the coming 4-8 week block ahead dedicated to specific aspects of CrossFit to allow for greater development in certain strength and skill areas. You will still see lots of variety in metcon movements and structure, but the skill and strength work will stay consistent during this time, allowing you to set both weekly and monthly goals and pre plan your training days. 

Take note of the Points Of Performance ‘POP’ for each movement on Wodify when they are introduced at the beginner of every Block and use them as a reference to help improve in these areas. For those that are extremely motivated we will also be offering additional program streams (at extra cost) that can be done in conjunction with class work including accessories which will assist with even faster progress. The streams will be Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting and Gymnastics (enquire directly if you are interested in this).

This month you will see lots of Olympic Lifting technique, strict strength movements, lower body power exercises with focus on confidence and stability in overhead positions. This is an opportunity to refine and develop your lifting skills before the CrossFit Open and develop maximal strength in preparation for some big lifts. Expect to see Cleans, Jerks, Strict Press, Snatch Grip Deadlifts, Snatch Pull, Overhead Squat, Eccentric Squats, Romanian Deadlifts, Strict Chest to Bar/Pull Ups, Strict handstand Push Ups and Strict Ring Muscle Up Drills. Going back to technical basics is a perfect way to start the year whether you are new to training, coming back after some time off and looking to rebuild strength, or preparing for the CrossFit Open. And for those metcon enthusiasts and lovers of conditioning, expect to see lots of high volume cardio movements in a broad mix of time and modal domains.

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