February 25, 2022
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The 2022 CrossFit Open

It’s that time of year again. The CrossFit open is on!  For those of you new to CrossFit this is how the open works.  Anyone can sign up online now. Crossfit HQ will release a workout a week on Friday’s from February 25 for 3 weeks. You have until the following Tuesday 11am to Submit your score and until Tuesday 1st March 11am to sign up. Thousands of people from all over the world will complete this workout in their own gym and then submit their scores online.  From those scores the top males, females, and teams from each region will go onto Semi Finals and Sanctionals and the top from there go to the Games.  Now…you may be saying to yourself, “I am new to CrossFit and really not sure why in the world I should do something like this.”  If those are your exact thoughts here are the top 5 reasons why you should do the open.

Get out of your comfort zone! CrossFit is all about getting comfortable in the uncomfortable.  We learn to push our bodies to their absolute limits and then come back in the next day with a smile on our faces ready for more.  For those who have done it you will surely agree that there is nothing like throwing down in front of friends, family, and fellow CrossFitters. You will push your body much farther than you ever imagined. The adrenaline rush is much different than just a typical class. It is healthy for us to be a little uncomfortable once in awhile.  That’s where most of our greatest growth as individuals happens.

Each Saturday in the Conditioning class 7:15am and in all Monday classes throughout the open we will program the open workout as our regular gym workout. You will meet new members and educate yourself on correct movement standards by judging and being judged, through participating you will be kept accountable and push yourself more than you ever have before. Through the magic of the Open you will set PR’s and realise you are better than you think you are. Until you measure, you don’t know.  Everything we do in class is measured: reps, time, weight. Counting is what keeps us accountable. Through measuring in the Open, you will establish a line in the sand, and then next year, when you compete again, you will know where that line is and you will know how you have fared over the next year of training.

You can participate the whole way through and it’s fun! CrossFit Headquarters are smart and just like everything within CrossFit they want to make this competition all inclusive. Sure, there will be hard workouts but scaling options will allow you to participate in every one. It is also just plain FUN!  Yes it’s fun to check the rankings and to see how other athletes did.  It’s fun to see how your friends did.  It’s fun to see how you did.  It’s just FUN.  You should compete because it’s a commitment, during which time you will train harder, you will eat better, and you will connect with your coaches and community in ways you may not even realise exist.  You should do it because you can.

In regards to the programming this month, it will be treated as time to deload allowing you to be relatively fresh for the Open Workout each week and providing an opportunity to focus on performance and recovery. The weights will be light and volume low, each class will still offer the option to push as hard as you want but the structure will be set out so the focus will be on intent rather than intensity. You will get enough intensity for the week by doing the Open, get ready to push yourself mentally this month!

This should give the body a rest before hitting a big strength cycle in April, winter is when muscles are made. 

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