Muay Thai / Kickboxing

So you’re thinking about taking our Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing program! Excellent! Kickboxing is a fantastic way to get fit, beat out stress and meet interesting people with similar interests and goals. Regardless of age, ability or current fitness level, you will quickly begin to realize the benefits of World Kickboxing Academy’s Adult Muay Thai program.

At World Kickboxing Academy you’ll enjoy an authentic, high-energy Muay Thai Kickboxing program that will motivate you to push yourself further than you ever thought possible. Muay Thai Kickboxing in Cuyahoga Falls is an intense Martial Arts workout that builds strength, speed, timing, stamina and power while gaining confidence, strength, and flexibility.

“Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.” -Buakaw Banchamek

Benefits Of Thai Kickboxing

  • Safe Training
  • Stress Relief
  • Develop A Positive Self-Image
  • Become More Goal-Oriented
  • Coaches Who Care About Your Progress
  • Positive Atmosphere
  • Muscle Toning



Suitable for anyone new to Muay Thai / Kickboxing. This class will focus on the basics and fundamentals of Muay Thai / Kickboxing while building a solid foundation of strength and conditioning. Muay Thai / Kickboxing is a brilliant way to improve fitness, burn fat, tone muscles, build confidence and is widely regarded as the best martial art for self-defence use. Suitable for all fitness levels.


A special invite will be given to members who show adequate competence in the beginner class, providing access to this restricted class for intermediate members only. This class will place more emphasis on advanced combinations and techniques, as well as demanding a considerably higher level of strength and conditioning than required in the beginner class.


Intermediate members with a keen interest in the full-contact aspects of Muay Thai / Kickboxing will be given an opportunity to try out for the fighter class through a series of fitness tests. Successful completion of these tests will grant access to the exclusive fighter class. This class will introduce members to sparring and fight specific drills, as well as demanding a considerably higher level of strength and conditioning than required in the intermediate class.


These classes are aimed at women looking to combat stress, burn fat, tone muscles and improve overall fitness, strength and co-ordination levels. Traditional Boxing and Muay Thai / Kickboxing training methods are implemented, without the heavy emphasis on technique found in the Muay Thai / Kickboxing classes. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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